Resermine is a Decision making platform
An integrated cloud based platform for reservoir simulation and data analytics
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A unique platform that integrates reservoir simulation and data analytics

Reservoir Simulation

Spend less time setting up simulations and scale instantaneously

Data Analytics

Gather insights by combining disparate subsurface datasets

Reservoir Simulation

Our platform can be customized to meet specific reservoir simulation needs of clients

Reservoir Engineers

  • Save time setting up simulations

  • Spend more time analyzing results

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Oil and Gas Companies

  • 30% – 50% cost savings

  • Common platform for joint ventures

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Reservoir Engineer

Our interactive UI helps set up simulations quickly so that engineers can spend more time analyzing results

  • Seamless interface

  • Save time setting up simulations

  • Scale up simulations instantaneously

  • Spend more time analyzing results

  • No more training

Oil and Gas Companies

Our cloud platform helps clients scale their simulations instantaneously

  • 30% – 50% cost savings

  • Improved productivity

  • Instantaneous adaptivity to activity peaks

  • A common platform for joint ventures

Data Analytics

Our data mining platform provides clients complete control and flexibility to process their data

  • Directly call functions to execute data mining algorithms

  • Analyze disparate datasets
Data Analytics Overview

Our integrated platform helps visualize and analyze different subsurface data. Our platform enables comparison across different datasets promoting collaboration

  • Unified platform to combine different datasets offers unique insights

  • Optimize operational resources and increase collaboration across teams

About Us

We have a user base in academia and industry
  • Austin based startup with a strong team of technical experts

  • Thought leaders are shaping the future of the energy industry

  • Our team members have held technical leadership positions in Shell, Chevron and Goldman Sachs

Our Academic Partners

Our Industry Partners

Why choose us?

Resermine enables all Oil and Gas companies in their digital transition

  • Team - Unique capabilities as users and developers

  • Innovation - Adapting our cloud platform to meet client's unique needs

  • Cloud platform - Rapid deployment of new products across platform

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+1 917 539 3949

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